Ductless Systems
Product Line

LG's Ductless Systems Product Line

LG's mini-split and multi-split system solutions offer stylish and energy-efficient products to the residential and light commercial consumer.

Prestige Hyper Efficiency

In addition to stylish design, LG Prestige Hyper Efficiency brings with it an unrivaled package of the most complete air conditioning solutions.

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Mini-Split Art Cool™ (Single Zone)

With contemporary styling, the indoor units of Art Cool™ one-to-one mini-split systems blend into any décor. Designed for ductless installation and single-room use.

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Mini-Split Standard

Standard single-zone mini-split systems with low-profile wall-mounted indoor units for easy, ductless installation. Available in cooling-only or heat pump models with or without Inverter technology.

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Ceiling Cassette

Four-way ceiling-cassette indoor unit with a single-zone Inverter outdoor unit--perfect for rooms where wall space is limited.

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Flex Multi-Split (Dual, Tri & Quad-zone)

Flex Multi-Split heat pump systems provide air conditioning for two, three, or four separate zones.

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LG accessories for use with system components.

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