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Vertical Air Handler (VAHU)

Customers desiring traditional, ducted infrastructure can still benefit from inverter technology with the LG Vertical Air Handler (VAHU). As 4-way configurable unit contractors have the flexibility to install the unit in a way that’s best suited for the application.

Vertical Air Handler (VAHU)

Availability: Late Nov 2017

Size: 18 X 21.25

Model No: LV180HV4 (LVN180HV4+LUU188HV)

Chassis: NJ chassis

Voltage: 208-230V

Tonnage: 1.5 Ton

Pairing Unit: LVN180HV4,LUU188HV


Pour connaître les prix, nous vous invitons à communiquer avec votre entrepreneur local.

Soutien technique
  • Increased design flexibility with configurable 4-way installation 
  • Energy-efficient operation reduces total cost of ownership 
  • Features an Electronically commutated motor (ECM) motor making it eligible for a number of rebates 
  • Wi-Fi capable enabling effortless control using the SmartThinQ app
  • Built-in LG Dry Contact allows for easy integration of 3rd party thermostats 
Download Type Category Product Name Model No.
Download Manuels techniques Single Zone Single Zone Vertical Air Handling Unit LV180HV4
Download Guides d’installation Multi Zone Vertical-Horizontal Multi F Air Handling Unit N/A
Download Manuels du propriétaire Multi Zone Vertical-Horizontal Multi F Air Handling Unit N/A