Multi F MAX Distributor Boxes

2, 3 and 4 port distributor boxes contain expansion valves and are required for Multi F MAX outdoor units LMU480HV, LMU540HV and LMU600HV.
PMBD3641 is required for LMVN360HV and LMHN360HV air handlers.

Multi F MAX Distributor Boxes

Model No.: PMBD3620

For pricing, we invite you to contact your local contractor

Contains expansion valves for Multi F MAX (48,000 BTU & larger only) outdoor units

Not compatible with Multi F 18,000-36,000 BTU outdoor units

Flare connections for easy installation

Fully insulated for attic installation

Cannot be installed outdoors

Download Type Category Product Name Model No.
Download Submittals Accessories 2 Port BD Unit (Multi F MAX) PMBD3620
Download White Papers White Paper Branch Distribution Unit Orientation for Multi F MAX White Paper N/A
Download 2D CAD Models CAD Multi F 2D CAD Files N/A