LG accessories for use with PTAC units.

42 inch Architectural Grille

The colored, long-lasting outside louver attaches to the sleeve against the outside wall.

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PTAC 42" Wall Sleeve

PTAC unit slides into the sleeve, which is mounted through the wall.

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Digital Wall Thermostat

Digital Wall Thermostat includes large temperature and set-point display on a blue backlight screen. Available in the wired and wireless options

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Wired Wall Thermostat Connection Kit

The Wired Wall Thermostat Connection Kit comes as a standard item with this PTAC unit.

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Sub Base - Electrical

Used to balance unit and discreetly hide the cord.

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Air Deflector

Designed to guide discharge air away from overhead curtains.

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Remote Escutcheon Kit - 10 Pack

Covers the digital display on the PTAC and instructs the occupant to use the wall thermostat for unit operation.

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Replacement Air Filters - 10 Pack

Replacement air filters available in 10 pack option.

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Drain Kit

For internal or external condensate drainage.

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Lateral Duct Kit

To extend air flow into an adjoining room.

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Levelling Legs

For balancing and leveling the PTAC when a sub-base is not used.

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