LG single-zone systems offer multiple indoor unit styles and efficiency levels including our Art Cool architectural series.

Art Cool Prestige - the Hyper-Heating Performer

Our renowned Art Cool Prestige is the highest performer in LG’s single-room lineup, most with 100% of rated heating capacity at -15°C.
The new 15,000 BTU model will be available in July 2017

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Vertical Air Handler (VAHU)

Customers desiring traditional, ducted infrastructure can still benefit from inverter technology with the LG Vertical Air Handler (VAHU). As 4-way configurable unit contractors have the flexibility to install the unit in a way that’s best suited for the application.

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Art Cool Mirror - Architectural Beauty

The Art Cool Mirror architectural unit with smoke-black mirror and chrome trim design. Matched performance with Gloss White.

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Gloss White

With a clean, curved gloss finish and trim lines, Gloss White blends well in any room while delivering Energy Star performance and 69% of rated heating capacity at -15°C.

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LG SmartThinQ

Enjoy the convenience of phone control from anywhere with Prestige or any Gloss White LG indoor unit.

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Ceiling Cassette

Light-commercial units in six capacities

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Low Static Ducted

The indoor unit is compatible with multi zone in these compact single zone systems. Choice of 9,000 or 12,000 Btu/h systems available.

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Horizontal Air Handler

Air handlers for residential or light commercial applications with ductwork

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